Nizar Habash
   Associate Professor
   Computer Science
   New York University Abu Dhabi

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Nizar Habash

Welcome to my home page. My name is Nizar Habash نزار حبش (pronounced /nəzár ħábaʃ/). I am an Associate Professor of Computer Science at New York University Abu Dhabi. I am also the director of the Computational Approaches to Modeling Language (CAMeL) Lab:

My areas of research are natural language processing and computational linguistics. I primarily work on machine translation and Arabic and Arabic dialect language processing. For more information about my research, check out my CV and list of publications.

For courses I teach, tutorials and textbooks, see my teaching page.

I am also an amateur artist. One of my favorite art projects is my artificial language Delason. It took seven years in the making. My current large art project is Palisra, a collection of pieces reflecting my views on the Middle East conflict.

I sell some of my artisitic creations through Zazzle: nizware is my art product line.